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We offer Credit Repair Loans to our customers who are in need of credit score help! These are most often small and short term loans. With on-time payments, our credit repair loans result in adding an I-1 (excellent!) to your credit report. With every new loan or renewal, these awesome credit boosters are added individually again! We love to help our customers succeed with excellent credit and we love to watch it grow with you!

Benefits of Good Credit:

  • Lower interest rates on credit cards

  • Better financing options on a new (or new to you!) car

  • Lower car insurance rates

  • Little or no deposits for utilities

  • More bargaining power on large purchases

  • Easier approval for apartments or rental homes



*All loans are subject to our liberal credit policies. Terms and conditions may apply. Applications received within 1 hour of closing (during regular business hours) will be processed the next business day. 

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